Dear paper addict friends!
Untill March 2019, our products are not ready to ship for you. We had a chance for an enormous, inspirational challange, we could not skip, and this makes unable everyday maintain of KreARTON. Please come back later, we are waiting for you!



We strongly believe in such products, which are not only creative but have attention to recycling and our beautiful nature. Your positive feedbacks, as the most important thing for us, are giving us power, to keep this production in a way of green and creative thinking. 

KreARTON was made up from a sudden idea, to make christmas trees from cardboard. Up to now we are proud to have more than 15 products, both to kids and adults. We are intent on making toys and decorations, with thoughts of clear-outness, and minimal design, in order to have your creativity as an added value at the end result.


Decoration for private and company occasions. Shop and shop window decoration. From idea to realization.

Building elements

Feel free to build! There are no annoying rules.


Enjoy creating with our toys. For kids and adults as well.


We can give thousand meanings to this magical material. Cardboard can merge to an everyday object, or a masterpiece, by our hands.


Creative holidays, and holiday preparations. Decorations for festives. All in a creative way.


We are giving you materials. All you need to do, is continue!

We love cardboard because of its simplicity, and natural look. It gives you the chance to love it in its natural way, but also gives hundreds of oportunities to your DIY ideas.

Toys can be used as team building instruments, or community artpieces, while they are giving us the chance to have quality time together. When we are creating with children, let them rule, and enjoy their pure ideas, lack of any convention. Let them create, and let us to have a chance to enjoy happyness of creative time!