Christmas tree – building blocks

9.800 Ft

It is a Christmas tree that can be built from elements, to which we give 16 pc triangle and 16 pc circle elements. From these upon your taste you can build tall, thin, stout, regular or even irregular Christmas tree. It may be an individual, but a common creation as well. If you decorate the items together, everyone will feel it as his/her own. You can put away until the following Christmas, it does not deteriorate and does not fall.

The pack contains 16 pc 48 x 28 cm triangular and 16 pc 15 cm diameter circular elements. The tree can be built with the sliding of the elements. You can put the triangles to the tree on set and on horizontal position as well. If it’s finished, the remaining circular element can be used as a decoration as well. The natural corrugated cardboard material can be decorated, embellished. With felt, decorative patch, other adhesive solutions almost any kind of material can be applied to its surface.

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