Our history…with everyday simplicity

There were given three kids, two adults, and a move. The latter accompany dozens of cardboard boxes. With us there is also the love of nature and at the children the still natural experimenter spirit, creative aptitude. It was not to take any action than to attend, participate and continue the train of thought.
This is how became from the moving box car, doll house, garage, picture on the wall, cabin, puppet show, Christmas tree and KreARTON.

We distribute our cardboard Christmas tree since 2010, this was our first product. Since then there are on offer children’s toys, decorations for adults, products made for community occupations. I receive inspiration from the children and our environment, I observe very sensitively their thoughts, and many no-frills ideas come from them. We all participate in the creation, design and testing. I design products, which “as a white sheet” leave space for creativity. That’s how we live and create. Stay with us!